Humans have one thing in common; sleep. Studies have shown that a third of a person’s life is spent sleeping. So, a 30year old lady should have spent an average of 10 whole years in bed. 
Rest is essential to our well-being. It is the time where our body hibernates and regenerates after a stressful day. However, sleeping in the wrong way can relax our bodies while waging war against our facial skin. No one wants to lose their youthful glow, but this can result from poor sleeping habits.
A recent study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal highlighted how the compressive and facial tensile forces caused by the weight of the head on the pillow cause the appearance of wrinkles.
Have you noticed wrinkles on your face? Would you like to stop this from happening? There is no need to fret. In this article, we explore proven ways to prevent and cure pillow wrinkles.

How do “pillow wrinkles” appear?

The appearance and patterns of wrinkles largely depend on your sleeping position.  Most people have a routine sleeping position which can be broadly grouped into three;
  •     Lateral position (lying on your side)
  •     Supine position (Lying on your back with your belly up)
  •     Pronated position (Lying on your face with your back up)
Sleeping on your side or belly down will drastically increase the amount of pressure between your face and the pillow. Thus, it is no surprise that people who sleep supinely (belly up) have a reduced risk of developing pillow winkles.
While most of the pillow wrinkles run vertically across your forehead, some are located on the sides of the face and chin, while others reinforce expression lines. If simply changing your sleeping position could reduce the likelihood of premature facial wrinkles, then I’ll say you should consider this before opting for expensive antiaging creams. 

How Can You Prevent and Cure Pillow Wrinkles?

Since the expression lines are caused by prolonged compression of the facial skin by your pillow rather than aging, most aesthetic medicine treatments may not be practical options. For instance, Botox works mainly by reducing facial muscle contractions, thus smoothing out wrinkles. This makes it more suited for age-related wrinkles rather than those caused by pillow compression. 
You may be wondering, how then can I get rid of pillow wrinkles? Here are two proven ways to restore and maintain your youthful glow;

1.     Have a nighttime skincare routine

Having a skin prep ritual before bed is the first step to preventing pillow wrinkles. This ensures you never go to sleep with make-up on. Your bedtime skincare routine largely depends on what’s convenient for you, but here are some essential steps you should follow;


Clean your skin

  •     Use a gentle make-up remover to take off 
  •     Use a good cleanser to take off any extra products
  •     Rinse off with cool water 
  •     Dry off with a clean, dry towel (dab gently)
Using a makeup remover as opposed to soap and water has a skin tightening effect. It also ensures the removal of impurities and unclogs your pores, thus improving tissue oxygenation. 

Moisturize your skin

After cleansing and stripping your skin of oil and dirt, it is vital for you to restore moisture. Also, sleeping involves friction between your face and sheets, further drying out your skin. This makes moisturizing even more crucial to prevent pillow wrinkles. 
Simply use a serum-based high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which creates an invisible film on the skin. This ultimately protects your face from nighttime dehydration.

Apply a night cream

The last but not least tip is to use a regenerating night cream to seal in moisture and protect your skin all night. Night Plasma is an excellent option as It repairs all damages accumulated during the day. 
Thanks to the high concentration of Coenzyme-Q10, antiaging peptides, and antioxidants, your skin will retain its radiant glow while keeping pillow wrinkles at bay. In addition, its therapeutic complex based on phospholipids, ceramides, and cholesterol balances your skin's hydration levels and keeps it elastic and resilient.



2.     Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Another way to slow down the appearance of these wrinkles is to try sleeping in a supine position often. Using a specific pillow to anchor this position will make the transition more enjoyable for you. However, this is an "insidious" method because trying to rush this change can reduce your sleep quality and length. So, take your time and attempt to adjust your position every night.
Also, it is advisable to use a silk lining, which is soft compared to cotton and linen.
Et voila! With these few simple steps, you can give yourself youthful and vibrant skin. All you need is the desire to maintain or restore healthy glowing skin and the willingness to adopt these tips today. 
Always remember, It is never too late to start an evening routine that will protect your skin all through the night: your skin will thank you!

Pillow wrinkles: what to do in the morning.

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